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Professional retraining course  online


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Facts and figures

256 hours

6 months of training

30 webinars

Author's course
Elena Ivanova

30 practical exercises

30 training mediations with experts

The professional retraining course is modeled for those who wish to master a new profession and become a mediator.

- 1000+ mediation and 2000+ consultations  

- PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor

- author of 12 books and 150 scientific articles on mediation

- co-author of the first mediation training program in Russia

- mediator of the Association of International Arbitration
(AIA, Belgium) and the International Mediation Institute
(IMI, Netherlands)

-Member of the International Association for Systemic Mediation (AIMS, Italy)


total 21 places in the group

Base unit

12 immersive webinars

12 practical tasks

10 educational mediation  

more than 10 training videos

Program and topics:

12 lessons and 10 educational mediation for each stage of mediation and all the necessary techniques for its implementation.

The development of mediation technology is carried out in an innovative mode using author's techniques and techniques that are not used in the usual basic courses.

All classes, practical assignments and educational mediation are based on real-life cases of teachers who have conducted more than 1,500 mediation and 3,000 conflictological consultations in total.

To obtain a certificate of advanced training, you must pass exams: written and in the format of model mediation. 


Advanced block

30 immersive webinars

30 practical exercises

30 educational mediation  

more than 25 training videos

professional retraining diploma

end of course - April 17, 2022

Program and topics:

Everything included in the base unit, plus :

4 lessons and 6 educational mediation on the specifics of the use of mediation in various fields :

  • family mediation and the problem of attracting children 

  • school and restorative mediation 

  • business mediation -  intercorporate, intracorporate and labor conflicts,

  • mediation in healthcare and other areas.  

4 lessons and 4 educational mediation on resources of various types of mediation and eclectic approaches :

  • classification of types of mediation, schools and styles of mediation,

  • narrative mediation tools,

  • transformative mediation tools,

  • system mediation tools.


3 lessons and 3 educational mediation on special types of mediation :

  • co-mediation

  • multilateral mediation

  • facilitation and moderation

4 sessions and 4 educational mediation to overcome specific difficulties :

  • difficult clients and situations in mediation,

  • gender issues in mediation,

  • neutrality of the mediator and protection from stress,

  • working with strong emotions of clients; self-diagnosis, reflection and work with the mediator's own emotions.

3 sessions and 3 training mediation on specific issues such as:

  • legal innovations in the field of mediation,

  • self-diagnosis and individual style,

  • attracting clients to mediation.

During the training, it is necessary to undergo mediation (consultation) as a client in the Conflict Clinic.


To obtain a diploma of professional retraining, you must pass exams: written and in the format of model mediation.  


Those who successfully complete the 256-hour course will have the opportunity to participate in an internship program in judicial and non-judicial mediation under the supervision of experts from the Institute for Peace and Conflict Research.

The program and themes will be supplemented
taking into account the wishes of the course participants


What do you get?

- a diploma of professional retraining or a certificate of advanced training  from the St. Petersburg Institute (branch) VSUYu (RPA Ministry of Justice of Russia)

- a new profession

-  practical skills in mediation

- the opportunity to practice skills on real cases in co-mediation

What awaits you:

3 hours  immersive  training every week


training mediation every week


and video tutorials
in the telegram and on the remote platform

Course for those who

- wants to master a new profession in the field of conflict resolution

- took only the Basic Course in Mediation


I like everything, but I have a few questions ...

What does the training route look like for a week?

1 webinar (3 hours)  every week


until the next webinar:

1. Within 5 days, complete a practical task for practicing a skill or technique. Upload to platform  Get feedback at a webinar or individually from teachers.

2. Within 4  days to conduct educational mediation on the practical application of a skill or technique at a certain stage of mediation.  Upload the recording to the platform and get feedback from the curator immediately after the mediation and from the teachers at the webinar or individually.

3. Watch video lectures on the platform, listen to an audio podcast in a closed telegram channel.


Next week's webinar will kick off with analysis and expert support on the work done.  assignment and training mediation

From January 2022, a stage of intensive professional training of practical skills and mediation techniques will begin, so the number of webinars, assignments and mediation can be increased to two per week.  

What should I do if I have questions during training?

You always have the opportunity to ask a question to teachers on Telegram, both in the general chat and individually. Or call the teacher.

I am afraid that 6 months is a long time, and I will not make it to the end.  

1. We will be interested in how you are doing, so you will not be left alone with difficulties. Each teacher is ready to provide you with help and support throughout the course and even after it.
2. We will see your educational path, accompany you and support you.
  Many of our graduates turn to us for advice and help even after they finish their courses.

I will not be able to participate in one or more webinars due to work. What should I do?  

All webinar recordings will be uploaded to a closed platform within 24 hours. You will have access to them forever. Therefore, you can view the missed webinar the very next day from any device. However, you will need to complete the practice assignment and practice mediation before the next webinar.

There is no answer to my question here. How can I ask it?

No problem! Write to us directly and we will promptly answer by mail or by phone.


256 hours


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