Sun, 20 Dec | Telegram marathon

Telegram-marathon "Fire extinguisher against burnout at work and at home"

A unique 14-day Telegram marathon on how to deal with burnout at work and at home from experts in communication, conflict management, mediation and negotiation.
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Telegram-marathon "Fire extinguisher against burnout at work and at home"

Время и место

20 Dec 2020, 19:00 – 31 Dec 2020, 23:00
Telegram marathon

О событии

Friends, we are pleased to present to your attention

unique online marathon in Telegram "Fire extinguisher against burnout at work and at home"

from experts in the field of communication, conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation.

Marathon hosts: Elena Ivanova , Ilya Lysenko , Vasilina Bazalyuk .

Within 14 days, you will go through and work on 4 important topics:

- Work is fire (what to do if I am on fire at work).

- Degree of family relationships.

- Triangular burnout scenario.

- My own firefighter

We will send you:

- Podcasts by topic.

- Exercise tasks.

- Additional materials.

A marathon is needed when:

- give up, but you have to work to earn a living.

- the energy has died out and the desire to do something has disappeared.

- automatic irritation walks with you by the hand / do not have time to think how to answer you, as you immediately start screaming

- woke up - already tired

- communication and care for loved ones at the level of "alive and well"

- "I want no one to touch me" and "how nice it is in the cemetery, quiet and calm"

Who is the marathon suitable for?

- people with high emotional stress

- people working in difficult conditions

- active young professionals

- specialists in helping professions

- mothers

From the marathon, you will receive:

- A clear understanding of the cause of your burnout and the mechanism of its formation, which will help prevent it in the future

- Calm. Sleep normally, control emotions and think more rationally

- Realization that you are not sick. Let yourself be who you are

- Getting rid of apathy, tension, you will begin to see and enjoy the result of your work

- Action plan. How to live and work during burnout without losing money

All materials will be available until December 31, 2020.

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