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Author's webinar E.N. Ivanova "Managing the level of intimacy in personal and business interactions"

The third webinar in the series "What they won't tell you about in the basic course"
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Author's webinar E.N. Ivanova "Managing the level of intimacy in personal and business interactions"

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14 Mar 2021, 11:00 – 13:00

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The level of intimacy, or the level of intimacy, the depth of interaction with a partner in the course of communication is an important component of establishing contact and creating an atmosphere of trust, allowing you to solve even difficult problems. This is a fragile and dynamic process, and intuitive resources are often insufficient to purposefully manage its construction.

- How deep is it worth going into a situation to solve a problem or help your communication partner to cope with it?

- How to understand whether it is necessary to actively seek information or it is better to slow down and listen to what the other wants to say?

- How not to blow out the barely glowing light of contact and at the same time not let it burn out without an influx of fresh air?

- What means to use to get the dialogue off the ground without creating the impression of pressure?

- Where is the technological border between delicacy and indifferent non-interference?

- What to talk about with a partner or client in order to enter an open door on the way to a goal, and not get into a trap door?

Such questions constantly arise in people who understand their role in creating an atmosphere of communication and achieving goals in difficult situations, and do not dump the responsibility on the "wrong" partner.

Webinar participants will be able to practically work out the algorithm for using author's techniques and adapt well-known communication techniques to the task of regulating the level of intimacy in interaction. This will make it possible to more effectively establish contact and solve problems in mediation, negotiations, business and personal interaction.

The webinar is of interest to mediators, specialists working with people and anyone interested in mediation, communication and negotiations.

Author and host: Elena Nikitichna Ivanova , consultant since 1981, mediator-practitioner and teacher of mediation since 1992, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor, head of the conflict management clinic.

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