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Author's webinar E.N. Ivanova "The resource of the well-forgotten old. Reflection or doubling?"

The second webinar of the series "What they won't tell you about in the basic course"
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Author's webinar E.N. Ivanova "The resource of the well-forgotten old. Reflection or doubling?"

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28 Feb 2021, 11:00 – 13:00

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Often we are faced with the fact that we are not understood. Less often, we notice that we do not understand the interlocutor. And it happens that both partners are in the illusion of understanding, and this creates the greatest problems. In a conflict, this is all "abnormal". At the same time, in the words and behavior of the opponent, everyone sees ignorance of their interests or, to put it mildly, unfriendly intentions. Achieving mutual understanding between the parties is the most important task of the mediator and any person who wants to solve the problem. In this case, the parties can be other people and even parts of their own personality that are in opposition.

Most often, one may encounter a reaction: “Yes, I myself know that this is necessary! I will paraphrase everything, I understand everything, but he (a, u) is not in any way! What questions to ask, what to say, how ?! "

Webinar participants will receive a method of achieving mutual understanding and mutual acceptance, based on the good old technique of doubling, which was presented in our country in translations of books on mediation  as early as the beginning of the century, but today it is almost unknown. The author's algorithm for applying doubling will be practically worked out, enriched with resources for transforming the triangle of violence into an empathic one. This will give the participants the opportunity to more effectively use the techniques of reflection and communication traditionally used by specialists in mediation, negotiations, business and personal interaction.

The webinar is of interest to mediators, specialists working with people and anyone interested in mediation, communication and negotiations.

Author and host: Elena Nikitichna Ivanova , mediator-practitioner and teacher of mediation since 1992, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor, head of the conflict management clinic.

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