Tue, 16 Feb | Webinar

Anastasia Kirienko's author's webinar "Speech and Conflict"

Let us examine how words and phrases affect conflicts and whether we have harmful speech habits.
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Anastasia Kirienko's author's webinar "Speech and Conflict"

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16 Feb 2021, 19:00 – 21:00

О событии

“In the beginning was the Word. However, judging by how events developed further, the word was unprintable ”- Mikhail Zhvanetsky.

The words spoken by us in certain situations can lead to "conflicts out of the blue", or, on the contrary, they can smooth out the most acute corners, "align" communication and direct the dialogue in the right direction. A negotiator and a mediator are urgently needed when they work in a conflict - this does not require proof. Is this skill necessary for those who are not involved in negotiations or conflict resolution on a professional basis? Or are we all “and so we know how to communicate”?

Conflict words, manipulator words, manipulator phrases - we all use them every day. How conscious is the use of these words and phrases? Do we have "speech habits"? Could these habits be "bad"? If so, how do you “instill” in yourself “useful speech habits”? How to cope with emotions when, in the heat of conflict, you want to express your pain in one word or sentence and hurt your interlocutor with a bonus?

You will learn about all this in detail at Anastasia Kirienko 's webinar “Speech and Conflict”.

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