Fri, 09 Apr | Webinar

Anastasia Kirienko's author's webinar "Man is a manipulator?"

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Anastasia Kirienko's author's webinar "Man is a manipulator?"

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09 Apr 2021, 19:00 – 22:00

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The next statement will be very provocative: modern man is a manipulator!

This is a responsible parent who is confident in his correctness and correctness of his decisions regarding the choice of the place of study and work for his child. This is a sweet child, persuading grandfather to let him play on the playground longer. This is a husband who hides the amount of his income from his wife in order to be able to keep some of the money for himself. This is a wife who subtly seduces her husband into buying her a new outfit. This is an aging parent who clings to illness to get the attention of their over-busy kids.

Manipulator - he lives in each of us, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. He replaces our true essence, neutralizes it, using deceptive tricks.

Not all manipulation is evil. Sometimes it is necessary. But, in most cases, it is harmful, since it disguises real life, traumatizes and brings pain. As a result of manipulation, modern man has almost completely lost the ability to express himself directly and directly, he often talks about emotions, but rarely experiences them. Developing various manipulative stereotypes of behavior, we solve our life problems to the detriment of ourselves, in the first place. We play roles. We are busy controlling and manipulating others, and then hopelessly entangled in the networks of their manipulations, and our own - w