Endowment fund

“Development and support for Foundation for Conflict Resolution Development”

is the endowment fund (target fund), made to be used in non-profit goals, according to

the Regulation of the ANO APE «Institute for peace and research studies» and Fund of target capital management

«Development and support of the Fund of conflictology's development», for financial assistance of this organisation's activity.

This is the most transparent and safe option of charity and support of socially focused non-profit organisations.


Benefactor (a company or an individual) make a contribution

Endowment Fund forms the capital

Managing company invests the capital according to the will of benefactor

Asset management company

At the moment Endowment fund “Development and support for Foundation for Conflict Resolution Development” cooperates with following old and well-tied management companies

1. УК "Альфа капитал" (MC "Alfa kapital")

2. УК "Апрель капитал" (MC "Aprel' kapital")

3. УК "Сбербанк. Управление Активами"

(MC "Sberbank. Asset management")

Do you trust another company?

We will happily consider your proposal and in case if it passes our interior and investment reliability and trust check, we will be glad to cooperate with you.

Annual income is formed by the investments

Profit is allocated to the implementation of programs


We are always totally open and honest,

especially in relationships with our investors.

That is why we have created 5 main areas of support.

It is possible to choose one or several.

1. Support of publishing scientific journal «Conflictology» (printed version)

2. Support of web-based journal «Conflictology»

3. Support of publishing house of the Institute

4. Support of the educational programs of ANO APE « Institute for peace and conflict research»

5. Technical and material support of ANO APE «Institute for peace and conflict research»

Your advantages:

1. Capital preservation and help to the socially focused non-profit organisation, specialization of which is to resolve the conflicts.


2. Help with the  implementation of social responsibility of business

3. Special conditions in our proposals for benefactors

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