The Institute for Peace and Conflict Research is a partner of ADR ODR INTERNATIONAL and the International Online Mediation Competition.


The three-day International Online Mediation Competition for Law and Business Students is being held in collaboration with the European Institute for Conflict Resolution (EICR) .  


We are confident that good negotiation and mediation skills will help people of all professions resolve conflicts in the workplace, at home and in personal life. Negotiating skills can change how you perceive conflict and how you deal with it.

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This year the theme of the International Online Mediation Competition will be “Defending Our Planet”.


The competition will be run online through the Zoom platform in English. The design of the competition will be relevant to the theme, and the tasks will be related to climate change and the protection of our planet.


We see ourselves as peacemakers of the future. Therefore, it is our duty to take climate change seriously and to put it at the center of our business.


Climate change affects each of us in one way or another, and therefore at AOI we strongly believe that we must come together. Everyone is doing their part to protect the planet so that our and future generations can prosper.

Target audience : Law and business students from all over the world. The competition is open to teams and individual participants from all over the world. The organizing committee will carefully consider all applications and will contact you within two to three weeks after submitting the application.


Teams: Each team consists of three members (you can participate in a team or individually)

Where:  Zoom  

Working language of the competition:  English


Cost of participation:  £ 50 + VAT per team member


The competition aims to:

  • Equip you with basic skills

     negotiation and mediation

  • Help you tailor your skills

     conflict resolution in the digital environment

  • Give you the opportunity to adapt

     communication skills to the digital environment

  • Identify the main factors that a mediator should take into account when conducting online mediation

  • Help you identify the main factors to consider when conducting multilateral negotiations online

  • Give you the opportunity to mediate

     and negotiations in a highly specialized field

  • Help you overcome possible

     communication barriers during online mediation

  • Give you the opportunity to work as a team

  • Learn how to overcome possible

     problems within the team

  • Help you understand intercultural barriers,

     that may arise during the mediation process

  • Provide you with a better understanding of online video conferencing tools in a rapidly digitalizing world  

  • To give you the opportunity to meet

     students from other countries

Dates: April 23 - 25, 2021

Day 1:  

  • Training for participants

  • Round I


Day 2:  

  • II round

  • III Round

  • Semifinalists Announcement


Day 3:  

  • Semifinal

  • Finalists Announcement

  • The final  

  • Awarding prizes


For more information see

in the Competition Rules and Regulations. 

For all questions, please contact the organizing team at:


If you are a qualified mediator, negotiator and / or arbitrator and would like to serve as one of our judges, please indicate your interest in the registration form at the link below.


The organizing committee will carefully consider your application and will contact you within two to three

weeks after receiving it.

We support the Global Climate Change Mediators Alliance and would appreciate it if you

if you join the Green Mediators Pledge to show your support.